Classic Volunteers!

“I totally look forward to [the Festival] and think it a great privilege to be one of the helpers. My childhood was filled with wonderful music and musicians, so these concerts fill my spirit and bring me “’home” again in so many ways.” –  OICMF Volunteer

August 23 & 24 192The Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival is fortunate to have a terrific team of dedicated volunteers for the Summer Festival. You’ll see them ushering you to your seats, pouring your glass of Festival wine, helping you select CDs, hats and t-shirts. Moving pianos, chairs and music stands during the concerts.  And there are volunteers you don’t see.  Those who create beautiful floral arrangements for the stage, lobby and reception areas – and those who actually grow the flowers.  Or who lovingly set the tables for the post-concert dinners, even folding napkins shaped like swans!   Or preparing Artist lunches donated by local restaurants. Or who arrive earlyAugust 13, 2013 002 in the morning to set up facilities for Music Lovers Seminars and rehearsals. Or who spend hours laundering and pressing linens.Our volunteers give of their time and themselves for many different reasons. For the music, for memories, for sense of community, for the love of being an important part of an exciting two-week event.  We couldn’t do it without them!

If you’d like to join this incredible team, please give us a call!