Orcas Island

People visit or live here for various reasons, but all of those reasons are invariably linked to the natural beauty the island possesses. The wildlife enjoys it as well. Here, eagles soar, whales breach, various species of birds gather, deer graze contentedly and otters and fish swim in the surrounding waters.

Orcas is best described as rural. Opportunities for outdoor activities abound. Mount Constitution, the highest point in the San Juan archipelago, promises splendid vistas from its 2409-foot summit. Moran State park features several lakes which host various activities.

Miles of shoreline ribbon the island with numerous beaches, both public and private. Surrounding land masses offer the San Juans protection from harsh weather, so the islands enjoy a year round climate that is more moderate than other locations in the Pacific Northwest.

The islanders gather in several quaint villages dotted around the island, with Eastsound being the major hub of island activity. Each community is unique and celebrates its individuality in different ways throughout the year.